Sunday, 11 November 2012

It's Over !

It lasted less than a week. It wasn't sweet. It was intense and stressful. And the relationship is over. Bathroom Buddy, blew it big time!
Not only did BB leave the bathroom. BB decided to appear in the bedroom whilst I was Skyping, sitting bare foot no more than 50cm away. I have to apologise to anyone who felt any admiration for my cockroach benevolence, because I lost it. I jumped on the chair, and screamed like a big girl. It was horrible. Then to add insult to injury, BB had the audacity to disappear under my bed!! That was so out of order.
My house mate appeared, having heard all the shouting and squealing, brandishing a broom. But BB was nowhere to be seen. It must have returned to the bathroom she declared. I was not so sure, I had been watching carefully. BB was definitely last seen heading off under my bed and had not returned.

However, investigation in the bathroom, revealed BB innocently sitting on the side of the bath.
Hmmmm. I had said there would be no grace extended to rule breakers.
I returned to my Skype conversation. But this time within the safe confines of the mosquito net. Lo and behold 10 minutes later, BB appears from under the bed, heading towards the bathroom.
Very suspicious if you ask me.
Skype conversation ended, I enter the bathroom. No BB on the edge the bath. At this point having been on Skype for 65mins I am needless to say somewhat desperate to avail myself of the bathroom facilities. Something to my left catches my eye. There on the floor is BB floundering on it's back. Dead?

  I approach. Squeal. Very nearly wet myself. NOT dead!! Moving frantically trying to get right side up. (BB not me) I jump back. Something catches my eye. Up on the wall another BB crawling above my head!! Mega squeal. So, so, so close to a bladder mishap.
BB has a doppelganger.
My one and only act of bravery and desperation, I take measures to avoid the impending accidental release of body waste. Watching both BB's very carefully.
It's timefor the electric tennis racket. BB1 appears relatively safe on it's back. But BB2 needs dealing with. Stressful 5 mins, as it becomes apparent that tennis racket is not powerful enough to kill BB2 ( who may I say, never achieved Buddy status actually) Finally, BB2 is subdued, smelling slightly bad, not dead, but lying in the plug hole, incapacitated. BB2 is placed in a plastic container, just in case.
So what to do with BB1. Closer investigation (and squealing) reveals BB1 is very much alive, but unable to turn over, until prodded. Second plastic container needed. BB1 reluctantly enters the container, with the help of a 50th birthday card. Knew they'd come in useful for something. For any insect lovers, I'd like to point out that BB2, sustained no injuries caused by myself.
So that's it, no more Bathroom Buddies. It's over. Finished. I was decieved. Never again will I trust a cockroach. It's official, I hate cockroaches and I will scream like a girl when I see one.
(And you can stop thinking about how many more of them are living under the bath, because tomorrow I'm getting some tape and sealing up the hole!)

BB1                             BB2
or maybe
BB2                             BB1
One was a doppelganger after all. It's hard to tell, which one is which.

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