Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cold Showers and Cabbage!

One week into my new home and the theme of life seemed to have become centred around cold showers and cabbage. New routines have meant I am no longer 'in charge' of the hot water switch. For the first few days I felt I showed a valiant tolerance towards the fact that there never seemed to be any hot water when I showered. My poor language skills mean I have to rely on others to communicate my needs to the house workers. Unfortunately, house mate delgated with said job, 'forgot'! Arrrrggg! On the food front very little has changed as regards control. I never knew what was coming for meals in the old house. In the new house I have equally little say. However, I am beginning to realise that was is coming for lunch is not going to be a big surprise most days. It will be Beans, rice and cabbage.
 In England I don't eat cabbage. But under my self imposed 'Rules for Living in Burundi' I am not allowed to say, ' Idon't eat.....' ( Well with one exception - I don't eat whole tomatoes or tomato soup- that would just be above and beyond all reason) Thus I have diligently eaten cabbage for 5 days in a row!!
Tuesday saw my resolve wearing extremely thin. 5:30 am cold shower, lunch the usual. Thus, I announced that Wednesday would need to be differnet. I could do one or the other but not both.
Imagine my joy when I had a warm (not hot) shower. Then to make the day absolutely complete, I went out for lunch and had meat balls with chips!
Perhaps even better was the company. Lunch with 10 children and 4 adults. Relaxing in a family home. Two dogs, one puppy!
Angel, Chris and Enoch (left)Andy (right)
Watching  Barbie on the laptop due to an unscheduled power cut!
The view from the balcony, over Bujumbura, across Lake Tanganika and into the Congo mountains!
Who cares about cold showers and cabbage when I have the priviledge of spending time with amazing people, looking at such incredible views?

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