Friday, 15 February 2013

In My Opinion!

Continuing on the theme from my previous Blog. I thought I would give you the joy of reading some 'opinions' expressed in a recent piece of homework I set for Year 6, here in Bujumbura.
Haven't got any real 'Wild life' photos - so it will have to be
 'Two lizards on the wall.'
As part of our round of weekly spelling tests, I thought I would introduce some genre specific vocabulary! As a rule I ask the students to put each spelling word into a sentence. But this time I thought I'd make a little bit more interesting (challenging). So I asked them to try and use the words in a short discussion written from the question, "Should wild animals be kept in  Zoos?"
This I felt was a relatively easy discussion topic to talk about.
How wrong was I?
Have a read and see what you think about the Burundian understanding of Zoos. I might add, that there is a zoo in Bujumbura. It has a crocodile and goats and guinea pigs. That latter two are kept as food for the former. I'm told you can buy a live guinea pig to feed to the crocodile. I'm not sure how true that is. But there is no way I'm visiting the place to find out!
Anyway here goes....

"In my opinion I think that wild animals should be kept in zoos because if they are wandering around and a little child is wandering around the wild animal will think to do something harsh to them and it can cause lots of trouble and pain and it will be hard for the child's parent to know about it. But if it is kept in the zoo in some cages nothing can cause trouble but you would just have to go and see the animal youself in the zoo. That is why wild animals should be caught and kept in cages at the zoo."

" If animals weren't kept in Zoos they would be everywhere and eat people. But if they were kept in the zoo they wouldn't run around town and other places eating people.."

" At present wild animals can't come to zoos. They are not allowed to come because they might get wild on other animals. Should this be the case? Should wild animals be kept in zoos?
   Firstly, there is the rule that wild animals can't be kept in zoos. Nevertheless, it's the zoo guards responsibility to keep the rule.
   On the other hand, the wild animals should be kept in zoos because even though they are called wild animals, they are still created by God.
  In conclusion, my opinion is that wild animals should be kept in zoos, but only if they don't be wild."

"At present wild animals should live in the zoo because when they just live in the streets they would be eating people because for my opinion they would have no one to feed them and so they would eat anyone."

" Therefore, wild animals should not be be kept in the zoo because they are dangerous and it is possible they could break the cage and hurt so many people."

"Secondly, I think wild animals should not be kept in zoos because of safety of people. For example, if a person is capturing a photo and by mistake he puts his hand inside the cage, the wild animal can chop his hand off. Or if a person doesn't have enough money to buy a strong cage and he buys a wooden cage, maybe in anger the wild animal can just break the cage and cause disaster.
Lastly, I think wild animals should be kept in zoos so the people don't get bored looking at the same animals every time they come to the zoo."

" Firstly, people think that wild animals should be kept in zoos, but they don't think about how the animals feel. Even if we humans don't understand animals, it's no reason to put them in zoos.
My opinion is that all animals should be free not locked up in cages or other places."

" In my opinion animals should be kept in cages because if it's free out of the cage it will attack every human it sees. The human will be malevolent and they might even be bemused to everyone else.
Animals should be free from their cage so that they can get their own food chain.
In my conclusion I think that animals should be kept in zoos just in case they attack humans." This young man just loves to find new words in the dictionary and try them out in his writing!

" By the way, wild animals should not be kept in zoos. Imagine you are in a cage for your whole life, would you be happy? And God created a good place for each animal to live in. Normally, wild animals are not ment to be in zoos, so that they may learn the dangers of life."

" Wild animals should not be kept in zoos because the names of this animals are wild animals they should be in the wild so they hunt and survive by their own."

I think my understanding of the term 'Wild animal' and the Burundian understanding of the term differ somewhat!! Hey, Ho another lesson learnt by the teacher!

This week also saw the grand launch of our Rockets! I failed to catch any of the lift-offs on camera. I did however catch a few in the face. Our rockets decided to either launch instantly or wait so long everyone had given up paying attention, then the rocket would sneak a blast-off without warning.
So to close, my favourite quote...
" I think animals should be free, because they might die in the zoo, if the sign might say, 'Please Don't Feed the Animals.'"

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