Friday, 18 January 2013

Field Trips....!

I'm back! Did you miss me?
Since my last Blog I have spent two weeks in England, moved house AGAIN!! and today completed my first official 'field trip' with my class. Plus a few other things that are too mundane to mention.

Firstly, my trip to England. I would like to confirm that England is wet and cold and dull. I wore socks for the first time in four months and rediscovered the joys of walking in the rain with cold, wet feet. However, it was great to spend time with the family and friends. I had a fantastic time discovering the delights of Kingswere and Dartmouth with Evie (4 yr old granddaughter). We saw a seal, and a dolphin and caught buckets of crabs. I'm looking forward to going back in the Summer!

On my return to Bujumbura I was given a rapturous welcome by a host of mosquitoes. Who even held a banquet in my honour! At no cost to themselves, it was all entirely on me!!

My new walk to school - yes I am living in the Capital city
The road I live on.
My first day back I moved house! It's a long story and not very amusing, so I wont bore you with all the details. What I will say is that I have a whole new potential for Safaris. My new housemates are two muzungus, who have been in Bujumbura for many years and one grey cat, that despite being Burundian speaks very good English. We even have our own washing machine. It has electricity and drainage, but no water supply! It's a whole lot more than most people have in Bujumbura!

So what of today's Year 6 Field Trip? (Drum rollllllll) We went to the ..............Post Office! Yes, that's it. We went to the Post Office, queued up, bought stamps, stuck them on our letters and posted the letters. Then, after being given an impromptu tour by a very enthusiastic Post Master, we went and opened our Post Boxes to collect the post for the school and CRIB house. It's hard to begin to describe just how exciting it was and how awesome it was for me to be part of it. I think it's one of the things I love best about this place. It's so easy to do something special.

I love being in a place where, treats are things like; cheese on toast, squash and popcorn, drinking chocolate, music during lessons, watching a film on a big screen in the garden, having an IT lesson in the computer room, going on the bus to the Post Office, getting a football shirt from England, having a packet of Randoms for the first time ever.

I am experiencing problems with getting pictures onto this Blog. So will post it without. But if anyone out there knows what's going on, please let me know!

PS: Finally done it!! Thanks to Picasa web albums.

 Please, please take our photo too....................

My new house. It's mostly garden with a house nestled in. Paradise as far as I'm concerned.

So exciting finding our way into the school Post Box.

Mission accomplished!

Bulbul , a very chatty little birds, that likes to be near you in the garden.

Masked Weaver, captured my attention for ages!

Ox heart fruit - Nomination for the ugliest fruit I have ever seen. Not tried it yet, not sure I ever will.

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