Monday, 22 October 2012

Bank Holiday Monday - Burundi style!

It's obviously a world-wide rule that it rains on holiday Mondays. The day started with a thunder storm. But big bonus the scheduled electricity cut at 7am, didn't start until 7:45am.

Next universal principle with holiday Mondays - everywhere we wanted to visit in town was shut!!and we kept being surprised by the fact, even though we knew it was a holiday.
Had lunch in a very nice Ugandan restuarant, that was suffering from no electricity and a broken generator. My first taste of chicken in 7weeks. Unfortunately, I didn't recognise it as chicken. It was the colour of duck but not the flavour. Pigeon? maybe?

Finally a typical Bank holiday Monday purchase. A large multi-coloured umbrella from the Central market. It is rainy season after all. Then back home on the usual cramped, rickety bus.
Major milestone for me. I managed to get the bus to stop at our stop. Usually Rachel( house mate/USA/26 yrs old) has to do it. It has been a slow process. First getting me to recognise when we are nearly at the stop. Then being able to remember the words I need to say. Finally having the courage to open my mouth and utter the words in front of everyone.  It's taken 7 weeks. I did it. I said, 'Convoyer, Allimentation'. And was rewarded with a lot of good natured chuckles and smiles from all the other passengers. Burundians always find it amusing when a muzungu attempts communication!!
Whole thing rounded off by a pleasant walk home, with a clear view of all the mountains.

It's very faint, but they are the mountains of Congo in the background!

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